Shweet! is a family-run, small-batch bakery in Salinas, California started by brothers, Efrain and Michael in 2009.

Find our shweets at Rollick’s Cafe or Viva Espresso on Facebook in Salinas.

You can contact us directly to order:
831.272.4058 Monterey County


Frequently Asked Questions

Do you have a shop?
Not yet.

Where are you based?
In Salinas, California

Where do you bake?
At our Home Kitchen in Salinas, CA

How did you learn to bake?
Mom, Intuition, Food Network, The Interwebz (it’s all the rage in Europe), and Books. Although the term “self-taught” is a little pretentious, we are primarily self-taught bakers who bake from scratch.

Gimme Your Recipe!
Recipes require explanation of technique and a finesse with words. We’re happy to share inspirational recipes and sources, but we don’t really write our recipes down in proper form to share. Give us a break – we ain’t recipe writers.

Besides, have you ever eaten at a restaurant and exclaimed, “This is delectable! Gimme your recipe!”?

Do you offer vegan/gluten-free options?
Yes, we offer several options for health/diet/allergy restrictions, including gluten-free, vegan, and raw choices. Keep in mind that we make all of our shweets with equipment that handles nuts, wheat, dairy, etc.

Who is Shweet?
Brothers, Efrain and Michael started Shweet! in 2009. Efrain the Older started baking for fun, looking for a fresh, creative outlet. He excelled exceedingly in taste and presentation. Michael the Younger chimed in and family and friends noticed we had a knack for splendid scrumptiosity. The People demanded we make our creations available for the masses. And so we did.
Felisha the Small and Tina the Mum now assist Michael the Younger in running Shweet from Salinas, while Efrain the Older is behind the scenes, making designs and such. (#creeper)